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'Innovative Breakthroughs'

Chairman & CEO: Antonio M. Perez
Headquartered In: Rochester, NY
Company Website: www.kodak.com/
Stock Symbol: EK
Employees Worldwide: More Than 51,000
Corporate Products: Digital Cameras, Accessories,
Single Use Cameras,
Film & Processing,
Printers & Printing Supplies,
Software, Picture CD,
Online Printing Services,
KODAK Picture Kiosks

Careers & Jobs:
Careers @ Eastman Kodak

Working For Eastman Kodak

Kodak offers a seeminly endless variety of career opportunities where responsibilities are varied and where you can increase your job skills to satisfy long-term career growth and betterment. You might be interested in Kodak's Internship program or beyond that in the company's Global Manufacturing Rotation Program (GMRP) for those with engineering degrees and less than 3 years experience. The program allows broadening of Kodak's business opportunities, enhances leadership skills and offers personalized development plans, job assignments, classes & events.

Compensation & Benefits

Competitive compensation at Kodak is only the beginning of what the company provides employees. A flexible benefit program can be tailored annually to meet personal and family needs. Those benefits include health care, life insurance, financial planning, dental, disability and other Work/Life programs.

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