Delta Air Lines: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'America's Fastest Growing International Carrier'

Chairman & CEO: Gerald Grinstein
Headquartered In: Atlanta, GA
Company Website: www.delta.com
Stock Symbol: DALRQ
Employees Worldwide: More Than 47,000
Corporate Brands: Delta, Delta Shuttle®,
Delta Connection® Carriers,
Worldwide Partners®

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Delta Air Lines

Delta has a variety of developmental & career opportunities available within their highly motivated and diverse workforce. They are actively recruiting pilots for first officer positions, but also have openings in technical operations, customer service, reservations and for flight attendant, management and professional jobs. Intern and Co-op opportunities may also be available through universities that support those programs.

Compensation & Benefits

Competitive pay, a full-service credit union, 401(k), medical & dental coverage and flexible spending accounts are just a few of the benefits provided by Delta for their employees.

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