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'Automotive Engine & Other Cooling Systems'

President & CEO: Rodney O'Neal
Headquartered In: Troy, MI
Company Website: www.delphi.com/
Stock Symbol: DPHIQ
Employees Worldwide: Approximately 171,000
Corporate Products: Mobile Electronic Systems,
Transportation Systems,
Architecture, In-Car
Entertainment Technologies,
Other Technologies

Careers & Jobs:
Careers @ Delphi

Working For Delphi

Career disciplines in Information Technology, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Quality Control, Engineering, among many others, may be found at Delphi. The site offers an "Opportunities Matrix" for experience candidates and recent graduates where they may view staffing by functional area. A dedicated global workforce, allowing for different ways to solve problems, gives Delphi strength in diversity.

Compensation & Benefits

Due to the diversity of their workforce, the benefits programs at Delphi are diverse as well and may vary by geographic location. All address the individual needs of employees with a wide range of options and work/life balance programs.

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