Danaher: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Leading Industrial Company'

President & CEO: H.Lawrence Culp, Jr.
Headquartered In: Washington, D.C.
Company Website: www.danaher.com/
Stock Symbol: DHR
Employees Worldwide: 45,000
Corporate Businesses: Aerospace & Defense, Industrial
Controls, Power Quality,
Delta Consolidated Industries,
Hennessy Industries, Jacobs
Chuck Manufacturing, Jacobs
Vehicle Systems & Others

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Danaher

Most individuals want a job or career where the work is interesting, working with people they like and respect, where rewards are more than just a paycheck and a place where they can make a difference and grow in their careers. Danaher offers all of that and maybe a bit more. The company is as commited to the success of their employees as they are to Danaher's success. Danaher participates in university recruiting events and offers nearly unlimited career possibilties in an array of areas.

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