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"Corporation Of Complimentary Business Units"

Chairman & CEO: T. M. (Tim) Solso
Headquartered In: Columbus, IN
Company Website: www.cummins.com
Stock Symbol: CMI
Employees Worldwide: 30,000
Corporate Business: Design, Manufacture, Distribute
& Service Engines and Related
Technologies Including Fuel
Systems, Controls, Air
Handling, Filtration, Emission
Solutions & Electrical Power
Generation Systems

Careers & Jobs:
Careers @ Cummins, Inc.

Working For Cummins Inc.

The workforce at Cummins, Inc. is creative, knowledgeable, imaginative and innovative, turning ideas into success for the company. Cummins participates in campus recruiting to meet candidates seeking new challenges and offers internships and diversity scholarship programs as well as full-time positions for graduates. Career development programs are available for those looking for the flexibility and changes required by today's global market. A stimulating and diverse environment is provided by Cummins to foster a comfortable place to work that creates the right work/life balance.

Compensation & Benefits

A competitive financial compensation and a comprehensive benefit package is provided to all eligible employees by Cummins, Inc. The benefit package includes a 401(k) retirement plan, profit sharing & variable compensation programs, a variety of healthcare plan options, paid time off and many other program options.

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