CSX: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Safety Is A Way Of Life'

Chairman & CEO: Michael J. Ward
Headquartered In: Jacksonville, FL
Company Website: www.csx.com
Stock Symbol: CSX
Employees Worldwide: 33,000
Corporate Business: Companies Provide Rail,
Intermodal, Rail-To-Truck
Transload Services

Careers & Jobs:

Working For CSX

CSX offers many long-term career opportunities including management, transportation operations, engineering, human resources and mechanical, to name just a few. The company also provides a management trainee program, a conductor training program, internships and co-ops for students and a diversity scholarship at several different universities. For descriptions on specific positions, please go to "Position Information", which provides links for complete duties and responsibilities for various job functions.

Compensation & Benefits

Most positions at CSX are covered by contract and bargaining agreements and those packages contain highly competitive compensation and benefits. Included are medical, dental, vision coverage options, tuitition reimbursement, CSX Pension Pan, Railroad Retirement benefits (note: railroad retirement is comprised of 2 tiers and is a government pension with no social security benefits paid.) and other work/life balance options.

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