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'Managed Care Industry'

Chief Executive Officer: Dale B. Wolf
Headquartered In: Bethesda, MD
Company Website: www.cvty.com
Stock Symbol: CVH
Employees Worldwide: More Than 10,200
Corporate Products: Full-Range Of Risk
& Fee-Based Managed
Care Products & Services,
Insurance Companies, Worker's
Compensation & Network Rental

Careers & Jobs:
Careers @ Coventry Health Care, Inc.

Working For Coventry Health Care, Inc.

The job search section of the Coventry Health Care career pages is powered by Kenexa Recruiter. You can create a profile, run a specifc search or view all open positions available. Career opportunities are available in underwriting, accounting, payroll, management, administrative and other areas. The company promotes a diverse, open and supportive work environment for a workforce from different backgrounds, with different skills and perspectives.

Compensation & Benefits

Compensation at Coventry Health Care may include base pay as well as incentive pay, while the comprehensive benefit program contains flexible options to meet individual needs. The package includes health coverages, insurance options, retirement, career development & training and other work/life balance programs.

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