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Chairman & CEO: James J. Mulva
Headquartered In: Houston, TX
Company Website: www.conocophillips.com
Stock Symbol: COP
Employees Worldwide: 38,300
Corporate Brands: Conoco, Phillips 66, JET 76& Kendall

Careers & Jobs: www.conocophillips.com/careers/

Working For ConocoPhillips

Career Paths at ConocoPhillips are tailored to your talents. If you are looking to move to the next level, enhancing your abilities, then there are numerous unlimited opportunities here. Or .. if you are looking to explore heretofore unknown talents in a totally new career field, then you can uncover those talents here as well. Career paths at ConocoPhillips include but are not limited to the following:

Communications & Public Affairs - Is a well-defined group of professional communicators who manage a distinct set of community relations, communications & public affair needs. The group also provides all messaging communications for both internal & external situations. Creative solutions include assignments in audio visual support & development, graphic design and preservation.

Geosciences - Using state-of-the-art technology, this department discovers oil and gas field around the world. Explorations are conducted in some of the most remote regions of the globe. As employees gain required experience, their career path may take them to advanced non-supervisory or technical duties.

Human Resources - Responsibility includes hiring the right people, at the right place, in the right time, with the right skills. The company encourages an environment where employees are granted the right to fulfill their own potential. Each HR employee is encouraged to thrive from a personal, career and growth perspective and may have up to three job assignments in the first 5 years of employment.

Transportation - Strives to work with truck & rail units, pipelines and marine vessels to deliver products responsibly and safely.

Compensation & Benefits

ConocoPhillips believes that strong benefit packages are for the good of all. Employees who are compensated fairly are more productive which gives the company a better deal for it's dollar. Employees at ConocoPhillips are rewarded with competitive compensation, along with increases that are based on job performance. In addition, the company offers health benefits, retirement & savings plans, paid vacations & holidays. Benefit packages are flexible and can be tailored to personalized work/life needs.

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