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'IT Solutions'

Chairman & CEO: Van B. Honeycutt
Headquartered In: El Segundo, CA
Company Website: www.csc.com/
Stock Symbol: CSC
Employees Worldwide: 77,000
Corporate Business: IT Solutions for Consulting,
Systems Integration, Outsourcing,
Solutions, Global Alliances
& others

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Computer Sciences Corporation

CSC's culture rewards innovative thinking, encourages exploration of new ideas and supports creativity. The company also does undergraduate recruiting in the U.S. and has a graduate program in Australia. CSC is also dedicated to offering their workforce opportunities for career development and success. Diversity, teamwork, learning and creativity are all part of the overall culture at CSC.

Compensation & Benefits

This company offers a complete compensation package that takes into consideration individual needs with all the options necessary to meet those needs. While benefits may vary by geographic location and job function, employees are all offered option for healthcare, retirement, vacations & holidays, insurance and a variety of other programs.

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