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'Entertainment Communications'

Lowry Mays
Mark Mays
Headquartered In: San Antonio, TX
Company Website: www.clearchannel.com
Stock Symbol: CCU
Employees Worldwide: Approximately 55,000
Corporate Business: Radio, Television,
Outdoor Advertising,
International Radio

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Clear Channel Communications

Clear Channel nourishes and encourages open communication, participation, cooperation, teamwork and individual development with their workforce. They look for creative and innovative who maintain high standards of ethics and integrity. The firm participates in career fairs to fill exciting career opportunities like graphic designer, anchor reporter, producer and account executives, to name just a few. Internships are also offered for students looking to gain all-important work experience prior to graduation.

Compensation & Benefits

All eligible employees at Clear Channel are provided with a competitive wage and comprehensive benefits package that includes flexible healthcare options, dental, vision and disability, 401(k) plan, employee stock purchase plan and paid time off.

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