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Chairman & CEO: Charles Prince
Headquartered In: New York, NY
Company Website: www.citigroup.com
Stock Symbol: C
Employees Worldwide: 275,000
Corporate Brands: Citibank, Bank Handlowy,
Smith Barney, Banamex,
Salomon Brothers, Citi Cards,
CitiFinancial, CitiMortgage,
CitiInsurance, Primerica,
Diners Club, CitiCapital

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Citigroup

Citigroup is one of the financial industry's more powerful platforms for financial products and the key to their success is some of the most proficient and skilled employees. As one of the world's leading organizations, Citigroup offers employees exciting careers in a wide range of opportunities. A singular experience in entrepreneurialism on an international scale, with an unmatched geographic footprint allows Citigroup employees to learn & work with a diversified group of coworkers whose integrity, commitment and talent set the stage for success in the industry.

Doing business in more than 100 countries, where 98% of employees are native to the locations where they work allows Citigroup to be one of the most diverse businesses in the world. The Employee Network Program offers employees the chance to join an employee-initiated group that supports diversity and business goals of company and provides members to build awareness of diverse communities and cultures within the company. These network groups are open to all employees and they may join any network group.

By offering a wide range of training & workforce development programs, Citigroup helps their employees build rewarding and productive careers. The company also regularly seeks to improve programs and tools to help employees meet the challenges of work and personal life responsibilities. Currently, the company's LifeWorks program offers 24 hour access for information and resources for solutions in parenting/childcare, educations, legal issues, military deployment and natural disasters. Citigroup owns or participates in 12 childcare centers and others are under construction. Citigroup is proud to be a diverse employer of choice and offers a variety of programs throughout the world that target specifically the area in which the employee is working. For full information on all diversity programs, check out the Corporate Citizenship - Diversity page.

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