Cisco Systems: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

"World Leader In Internet Networking"

Chairman & CEO: John T. Chambers
Headquartered In: San Jose, CA
Company Website: www.cisco.com/
Stock Symbol: CSCO
Employees Worldwide: 47,000
Corporate Product Categories: Application Networking
Services, Broadband Cable,
Network Management,
Interfaces & Modules,
Video & Content Delivery
and many others

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Cisco Systems

Cisco offers college student internships, cooperative and recent graduate opportunities through a singular set of programs for careers in engineering, sales, marketing and operations among other disciplines. Currently, the "Featured Jobs" offerings include positions on the government team, associates programs for recent graduates and openings for graduates in Europe, Africa & The Middle East.

Compensation & Benefits

Benefits at Cisco vary by geographic location and group, but all employees are provided with a competitive compensation and comprehensive benefits program designed for work/life balance.

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