CDW Corporation: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Provider Of Technology Products & Services'

Chairman & CEO: John Edwardson
Headquartered In: Vernon Hills, IL
Company Website: www.cdw.com
Stock Symbol: CDWC
Employees Worldwide: Approximately 4,300
Corporate Products: Provider & Distributor Of
Brand Name Hardware,
Software, Accessories, Services &
Networking Products

Careers & Jobs:

Working For CDW Corporation

CDW Corporation has been listed as one of Fortune magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For" 8 years in a row. The company resolves conflicts directly, listens, treats others with respect and provides a diverse, inclusive work environment reflective of the areas in which they market and work. CDW actively recruits at an array of universities nationwide as needed and all employment opportunities are open to everyone based solely on ability.

Compensation & Benefits

Eligible employees at CDW are provided with a variety of high-quality affordable benefit options, along with some unique extras. There is a choice of three medical and two dental plans, prescription & basic vision allowances, 401(k), employee stock purchase plan, insurance coverage options, holiday bonus & party, company picnic and a variety of extras that include a fitness center & day care among several other subsidized programs.

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