Cardinal Health: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

Global Healthcare - "Improving People's Lives"

Chairman & CEO: Kerry Clark
Headquartered In: Dublin, OH
Company Website: www.cardinal.com/
Stock Symbol: CAH
Employees Worldwide: more than 55,000
Corporate Businesses: Clinical Technologies & Services,
Medical Products Manufacturing,
Supply Chain Services,
Pharmaceutical Technologies
& Services

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Cardinal Health

Operating in over 26 countries located on 6 continents, Cardinal Health offers a wide array of career disciplines that include, but are not limited to manufacturing services, pharmacy, warehouse, finance, IT, engineering & healthcare. The firm looks for innovative, ethical individuals who are performance and people-driven. For college students, the College Relations team can help college students with information on career fairs, internships, entry-level employment and rotational programs.

Compensation & Benefits

Cardinal Health offers a wide variety of benefits like retirement savings, employee stock purchase plan, flexibe work/life programs and as might be expected, an excellent selection of medical plans to meet employee needs.

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