Burlington Northern Santa Fe: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

"Connection Between Goods & Customers"

Chairman, President & CEO: Matthew K. Rose
Headquartered In: Fort Worth, TX
Company Website: www.bnsf.com/
Stock Symbol: BNI
Employees Worldwide: Approximately 41,000
Corporate Markets: Ag Products, Automotive,
Coal, Consumer-Boxcar,
Industrial Products, Intermodal

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF Railway)

Career opportunities at BNSF Railway fall into three major career path groups, Engineering, Mechanical & Transportation. The team at Engineering is responsible for all of the company's supporting & track facilities, while the Mechanical team keeps locomotives and all other rail equipment and rolling stock in top condition. Transportation employees are responsible for moving the freight across the system and point-to-point train operations. BNSF Railway routinely recruits at Career Expos, Military Events and at College Campuses across the country. Employee development at this company is a priority and thus there are both internal and external training options at BNSF's Technical Training facility, through mentoring and options for both classroom & internet training.

Compensation & Benefits

Many of the positions at BNSF Railway are union and thus come under collective bargaining agreements, so benefit plans may vary slightly based on job description, union membership or work location. However, all the benefits here are competitive, comprehensive and designed to offer employees individual options for obtaining a work/life balance.

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