Bristol-Myers Squibb: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'High-Quality Pharmaceuticals'

Chief Executive Officer: James M. Cornelius
Headquartered In: New York, NY
Company Website: www.bms.com/
Stock Symbol: BMY
Employees Worldwide: 43,000
Corporate Products: Abilify®, Atripla™, Avapro®,
Baraclude®, Cardiolite®, EMSAM®,
Enfamil®, Erbitux®, Orencia®,
Plavix®, Pravachol®, Reyataz®,
Sprycel®, Sustiva®, TAXOL®,
Videx®,Zerit® & many others

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Bristol-Myers Squibb

If you want a rewarding career, enriching the lives of others, supporting a robust product pipeline and working with a team of exceptionally talented people, then Bristol-Myers Squibb might be just the place for you to fulfill your long-term career goals. The company offers opportunities in a variety of job functions including accounting, medical director, research biostatistician, scientist & pharmaceutical sales representative, among many others. Check out "Drive Our Culture" for 'Living And Leading The Behaviors'.

Compensation & Benefits

Bristol-Myers Squibb provides employees with comprehensive medical options, along with dental, healthcare reimbursement accounts and pharmacy benefits. For retirement security, the company offers a savings investment program and a retirement income plan. In addition a variety of work/life balance programs, paid time off, vacation and holidays are also provided.

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