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'Joining The New AT&T'

Chairman & CEO: Edward E. Whitacre Jr. (AT&T)
Headquartered In: San Antonio, TX (AT&T)
Company Website: www.bellsouth.com/
Stock Symbol: T (AT&T)
Employees Worldwide: 302,000 (AT&T)
Corporate Products & Services: High-Speed Internet
Access, Wireless, Local
& Long Distance Voice,
Directory Publishing,
& Advertising Services

Careers & Jobs:

Working For BellSouth (AT&T)

AT&T offers several college recruiting programs like general internships, leadership development, summer management, financial leadership & sales apprenticeships. Opportunities may also be available at BellSouth & Cingular as a result of the recent merger. Current job postings include career opportunities in Human Resources, Legal, Marketing, Information Technology, Financial and Clerical, among others and may be available in a number of locations. The company also holds "Professional Recruiting Events", "Occupational Recruiting Events", & "Collegiate Recruiting Events" throughout the year. A calendar of those events can be found at the associated link.

Compensation & Benefits

AT&T employees receive a competitive and comprehensive benefits package that is designed to provide protection, security & value. Benefits for Occupational and Non-Management employees includes health & financial benefits and paid time off. Management & Professional Benefits includes much the same, but perhaps with some changes. Check the full listing of benefits provided for each of the above classifications!

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