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'Provider Of Metal & Plastic Packaging'

Chairman, President & CEO: R. David Hoover
Headquartered In: Broomfield, CO
Company Website: www.ball.com
Stock Symbol: BLL
Employees Worldwide: More Than 15,500
Corporate Products: Packaging Products For
Metal Beverage, Metal
Food, Plastic Beverage,
Plastic Food, Decorative
Custom Metal Tins,
Aerosol & Specialty

Careers & Jobs:
Careers @ Ball Corporation

Working For Ball Corporation

If you are motivated, knowledgeable, customer-focused and value integrity, respect and ethical conduct, then Ball Corporation may 'fit' for you. The company offers a forward-thinking work environment with a strong customer focus that equates to success for both Ball and their employees. Resumes and electronic applications are only accepted for open published positions at the corporate offices and Ball Packaging. Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. has their own website and "careers" page where you can submit your resume for consideration for one of their openings. If you are looking for a manufacturing position, you would need to see the Human Resources Manager at a location near you.

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