Baker Hughes: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Major Oilfield Service Company'

Chairman & CEO: Chad C. Deaton
Headquartered In: Houston, TX
Company Website: www.bakerhughes.com
Stock Symbol: BHI
Employees Worldwide: More Than 29,000
Corporate Companies: Baker Atlas, Baker
Hughes Drilling Fluids,
Hughes Christensen, Inteq,
Baker Oil Tools,
Baker Petrolite, Centrilift

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes offers exciting careers in the oil and natural gas industry. The company recruits university graduates and interns in all areas of the organization, provides career advancement for current employees and offers great opportunities for experienced professionals in engineering, science and business areas.

Compensation & Benefits

Eligible employees at Baker Hughes are provided competitive compensation and a comprehensive benefit package. The packages may vary by geographic location and job function.

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