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"50 Years Of Making History"

Chairman & CEO: Roy Vallee
Headquartered In: Phoenix, AZ
Company Website: www.avnet.com/
Stock Symbol: AVT
Employees Worldwide: 10,800
Corporate Products & Solutions: Avnet Electronics
Marketing, Avnet
Technology Solutions,
Avnet Managed
Technologies, Avnet

Careers & Jobs:
Careers @ Avnet

Working For Avnet

Avnet offers career in the exciting, challenging and fast-paced world of electronics distribution. The company actively recruits college students and graduates for careers in the fields of industrial engineering, CIS, business, supply chain management, marketing and other high technology fields. Internships offer the chance for real-world experience prior to graduation, but get your request for one here in early.

Compensation & Benefits

Healthcare benefits at Avnet include 4 medical plan options, 2 dental plan options, 2 flexible spending accounts and a vision plan, while insurance benefits include life, AD&D, employee & family supplemental and travel insurance. In addition, a 401(k), ESPP and cash balance pension plan allow for long-term financial planning. Vacations, holidays, sick time and a full array of miscellanous benefits round out the work/life balance package here.

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