Avery Dennison Corporation: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Office & Consumer Products'

President & CEO: Dean A. Scarborough
Headquartered In: Pasadena, CA
Company Website: www.averydennison.com
Stock Symbol: AVY
Employees Worldwide: More Than 22,000
Corporate Products: Self-Adhesive Base
Materials, Self-Adhesive
Consumer & Office Products,
Reflective & Graphic Materials,
Specialty Tapes, Performance
Polymers, Self-Adhesive
Postage Stamps & More

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Avery Dennison Corporation

Avery Dennison provides a 'world' of opportunities in over 200 facilities in 89 countries worldwide. The company provides a fast-paced, culturally diverse and challenging work environment based on shared values of teamwork, innovation excellence, community, integrity and service. Ongoing opportunities for personal growth and career development are available to help meet your long-term career goals.

Compensation & Benefits

Though compensation and benefit packages vary by geographic location, employees in the U.S. are offered a wide range of healthcare benefits, along with a retirement plan, stock purchase and savings plans, tuition reimbursement and other customizable work/life balance programs.

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