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'Global Leader In Communications Systems'

President & CEO: Louis J. D'Ambrosio
Headquartered In: Basking Ridge, NJ
Company Website: www.avaya.com/
Stock Symbol: AV
Employees Worldwide: Approximately 20,000
Corporate Business: IP Telephony, Unified
Communications, Contact Centers
& Communications-Enabled
Business Processes

Careers & Jobs:
Careers @ Avaya

Working For Avaya

Avaya seeks bright, talented individuals who are innovative and can achieve superior results designing, building and managing networks for their customers worldwide. The companys culture is centered around five values that include accountability, diversity and innovation. Avaya participates in university recruiting for undergraduates, JDs, MBAs and Master's for summer positions and direct hires.

Compensation & Benefits

While compensation packages may vary by geographic location and job function, an overview of benefit provided to employees in U.S. includes health & welfare benefits, incentive plan, 401(k) plan, employee stock purchase plan, education programs, paid time off and other work/life balance perks and programs.

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