Automatic Data Processing (ADP): Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Provider Of Business Solutions'

Chairman & CEO: Gregory D. Brenneman
Headquartered In: Roseland, NJ
Company Website: www.adp.com
Stock Symbol: ADP
Employees Worldwide: 46,000
Corporate Business: Transaction Processing &
Business Solutions

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Automatic Data Processing (ADP)

ADP offers exciting and challenging career opportunities in the growning technological industry. Outsourcing solutions, employer services and deaer services are among the top are among the stategic fields available at ADP. The company provides excellent opportunities for individual and professional growth through on-going training and development programs that are available to all employees. Couple that with a dynamic, diverse and supportive work environment and you may find that ADP is the place for you to find that long-term career success!

Compensation & Benefits

Employees at ADP enjoy a competitive compensation and comprehensive benefit package that may vary by geographic location and job function. All packages are designed to give overall work/life balance options for all employees.

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