Atmos Energy: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Pure Natural Gas Distributor'

Chairman, President & CEO: Robert W. Best
Headquartered In: Dallas, TX
Company Website: www.atmosenergy.com/
Stock Symbol: ATO
Employees Worldwide: More Than 4,500
Corporate Business: Energy Marketing, Pipelines,
Distribution Supply &
Transportation, Power Systems

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Atmos Energy

A high-performance company, Atmos Energy, provides a work environment where the maximum potential of all employees can be reached. The workforce has access to a broad range of learning opportunities, coaching and feedback to allow for career planning and development. More than merely concepts, diversity and inclusion, represent core values at Atmos Energy. Some of the job disciplines available here include engineer, meter reader, public affairs, executive assistant and plant control specialist, to name a few.

Compensation & Benefits

All eligible employees at Atmos Energy are provided a competitive, comprehensive compensation and benefits package that includes health, welfare, retirement and voluntary benefits.

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