Apple Computer: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Incorporated in California on January 3, 1977'

CEO & Co-Founder: Steve Jobs
Headquartered In: Cupertino, CA
Company Website: www.apple.com/
Stock Symbol: AAPL
Employees Worldwide: Over 11,000
Corporate Brands: i-Mac, Mac OS X,
iPod, iTunes, iPhone,
QuickTime, Adobe,
AppleTV & others

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Apple Computer

Whether you are a seasoned professional, a new graduate or a student seeking an internship, there may be an opportunity for you at Apple Computer. Summer internships could lead to a rewarding career after graduation, so check out the "Job Opportunities" calendar for on campus interviews and/or information sessions in your area. For professionals, Apple has career opportunities in a variety of groups including retail, finance, operations, sales & marketing and engineering, to name a few. Visit Apple Computer today to find out where you might "fit".

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