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"Around The World"

Chairman & CEO: Kenneth I. Chenault
Headquartered In: New York, NY
Company Website: www.americanexpress.com/
Stock Symbol: AXP
Employees Worldwide: 78,000
Corporate Businesses: Personal Cards,
Global Financial Services,
Global Establishment &
Network Services,
U.S. Consumer,
Small Business &
Merchant Services &
Corporate Functions

Careers & Jobs:

Working For American Express

American Express offers a variety of career opportunities throughout their several business segments. You may choose to apply for a position in global financial services, corporate services or global establishment & network services, but whichever area might be your career choice, the company has a wide array of career disciplines available. Those positions may be in an international setting, or they may be in the United States and they encompass everything from marketing and management to customer service & support. The company also does global campus recruitment looking for individuals with good communication and innovative spirits.

Compensation & Benefits

This firm provides an extensive, innovative, competitive and comprehensive total compensation package that not only includes cash pay, but also long-term incentives for eligible employees. Other benefits like retirement security, health and wellness benefits, personal finance discounts and work/life support programs are also provided.

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