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'Internet Retail Sales'

Chairman, President & CEO: Jeffrey P. Bezos
Headquartered In: Seattle, WA
Company Website: www.amazon.com
Stock Symbol: AMZN
Employees Worldwide: Approximately 12,000
Corporate Business: Internet Retail
One-Stop Shopping

Careers & Jobs:
Careers @ Amazon

Working For Amazon

Amazon offers challenging fast-paced careers in supply chain management, global merchandising and large scale computing. Working in small cross-functional teams, employees work with other intelligent experience individuals to satisfy customer needs. Department at Amazon include software development, retail product management and merchandising, information technology and operations and customer service, among several others.

Compensation & Benefits

Benefits at Amazon are flexible and designed to meet individual needs of employees for a complete balance between work and life. Included in the package are healthcare options, paid time off, savings and retirement plans and other program options.

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