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"A Family of Companies"

Chairman & CEO: Louis C. Camilleri
Headquartered In: New York, NY
Company Website: www.altria.com/
Stock Symbol: MO (Altria Group)
KFT (Kraft Foods)
Employees Worldwide: 199,000
Corporate Brands: Kraft Foods - Kraft, Jacobs,
Maxwell House, Milka, Nabisco,
Oreo, Oscar Mayer, Philadelphia,
Post & Tang

Philip Morris - Marlboro, Basic,
Chesterfield, Lark, L&M, Parliament
& Virginia Slims

Philip Morris Capital Corporation

Careers & Jobs:
Kraft Foods, Philip Morris USA, & Philip Morris International

Working For Altrai Group

Kraft Foods - Employs more than 98,000 in 70 countries and their hundreds of facilities worldwide provide jobs in distribution centers, manufacturing plants, sales & offices. The company creates a flexible work environment to allow harmony between work & life.

Philip Morris USA - Has facilities, corporate offices and sales offices throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Available here are entry-level jobs, internships and disciplines that include administration, biology, biotechnical, chemistry, engineering, human resources, e-commerce & occupational health/safety to name a few.

Philip Morris International - Offers "International Career Opportunities" & "Opportunities in Specific Countries" and current listings include jobs in Poland, Switzerland, Indonesia & Mexico to just name a few of them. Specific country links include numerous countries in Europe, several in Asia & Latin America, and at least one in Africa & the Middle East. Those links are to resources about business activities and recruitment.

Compensation & Benefits

Kraft Foods - Base pay is determined by level of experience, demand for skills and position salary grade. Annual increases are based on performance and are joined by incentive and recognition programs for individual & team contributions to the company. Other benefits at Kraft may include retirement plan, various medical, dental, and other insurance plans, 401k, paid time off, stock purchase options and other work/life programs. Benefits may vary in different locations and positions.

Philip Morris USA - Benefits here may vary between salaried, part-time and hourly employees, but may contain the following: retirement planning, work/life balance initiatives, paid time off and medical coverage. The company's benefit package has consistently been rated among the most competitive in the industry.

Philip Morris International - Benefits here will vary from country to country depending on job discipline and locale. Check the links above for more specific benefits offered in the country or location of your choice.

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