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'Network Communications'

President & CEO: Scott T. Ford
Headquartered In: Little Rock, AR
Company Website: www.alltel.com
Stock Symbol: N/A
Employees Worldwide: More Than 15,000
Corporate Brands: Personal & Business
Wireless Plans, Phones
& Accessories, Axcess Services

Careers & Jobs:
Alltel Wireless Careers

Working For Alltel

The workforce at Alltel is a team of individuals with diverse perspectives who are energetic and focused on serving customers with advanced technologies. Some of the "Hot Jobs" available now at Alltel are Welcome Specialist, Wireless Consultant, Business Solutions Representative, Customer Service Representative and Order Processing Specialist. Alltel offers diverse career paths and the opportunity to grow professionally and personally.

Compensation & Benefits

Alltel is continually finding new ways to reward employees and throughout the year sponsors several company-wide contests and promotions like ACE and the 100% Quality Club and in addition, offers employee discounts and educational assistance. A comprehensive benefits package includes paid time off, profit sharing plan, 401(k) plan, employee stock purchase plan, insurance options, medical, dental, vision and prescription drug plans and flexible spending accounts.

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