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'American Family Life Assurance Company'

Chairman & CEO: Daniel P. Amos
Headquartered In: Columbus, GA
Company Website: www.aflac.com/
Stock Symbol: AFL
Employees Worldwide: More Than 7,000
Corporate Products: Individual Insurance Policies
for Accident, Life, Dental,
Vision, Disability & Others.
Employers & Business Owner
Policies for Accident, Life, Dental,
Disability, Vision & Others.

Careers & Jobs:

Working For AFLAC

Awarded a place on Fortune's "100 Best Companies To Work For In America" for a ninth consecutive year indicates that AFLAC might be a dynamic company that offers a rewarding work environment and satisfying careers. AFLAC offers employees the opportunity for career development through e-learning, technical training, industry education, job-specific training and leadership development. The company also attends college recruiting events throughout the year.

Compensation & Benefits

AFLAC provides employees with a comprehensive package that includes vision and prescription drug benefits along with the more standard medical and dental. In addition, other benefits include flexible spending accounts, employee assistance programs, 401(k) and a variety of other added programs.

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