Aetna: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Diversified Health Care Benefits Company'

Chairman, President & CEO: Ronald A. Williams
Headquartered In: Hartford, CT
Company Website: www.aetna.com/
Stock Symbol: AET
Employees Worldwide: 30,050
Corporate Products & Services: Aetna HealthFund2 with
HSA, HRA and RRA options,
Health Care Networks,
Insurance & Employee
Benefits Products

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Aetna

The workforce at Aetna is comprised of individuals from different races, ethnicities and cultures and the company looks for energized, intelligent people to join their team of dedicated professionals. For "college students and recent graduates", Aetna provides opportunity and guidance for the development of skills to ensure career growth. If you are an experienced professional, Aetna offers possibilities to advance your career and broaden your horizons with positions in Actuarial, Audit, Financial Services, Underwriting and other rewarding opportunities.

Compensation & Benefits

Because Aetna is a leader in providing health care & related benefits, their own employees enjoy a package of depth & breadth that covers disability, long-term care, retirement plans, life insurance and medical plans. Paid time off, a tuition assistance program and direct deposit are only a few of the other work/life balance options provided by Aetna.

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