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'Relevant Innovations .. Processing Powerhouse'

President & CEOr: Dirk Meyer
Headquartered In: Sunnyvale, CA
Company Website: www.amd.com
Stock Symbol: AMD
Employees Worldwide: Approximately 16,500
Corporate Products: Processors, ATI Products,
Embedded Solutions

Careers & Jobs:
Careers @ Advanced Micro Devices

Working For Advanced Micro Devices

If you have an innovative mind, a drive to succeed and long-term career goals, then AMD may be just the ticket for you! The company has a culture that honors diversity, respects people, treats everyone fairly and values honesty. For building your career, AMD offers a wide variety of learning resources including technical training, online learning and industry seminars to name a few. Some of the career areas available here for experienced professionals are engineering, software development, manufacturing and marketing, while the college scene encompasses recruiting events, co-op & intern programs and careers for new graduates.

Compensation & Benefits

AMD offers employees a competitive compensation package, along with a benefit package that includes health, dental & disability plans, insurance options, profit sharing, employee stock purchase plan, paid time off for vacations, holidays & sick time, and a variety of other work/life balance programs.

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