Acing Your Employment Cover Letter

By Jimmy Sweeney Author of the brand new, "Amazing Cover Letter Creator."

Crafting an Employment Cover Letter that Gets the Interview

Your employment cover letter is the one make-or-break document that will ultimately tip the scales in terms of whether or not you get that great dream job you have been hankering after. It isn't your resume, but your cover letter that has the power in this little exchange of information. If you can put together a winning and compelling cover letter, you stand a significantly higher chance of getting through the hiring elimination process (in which those candidates that have not taken the time to craft such a winning document are discarded) and ultimately getting that job interview. That may sound like a strange arrangement in which priorities have been totally reversed, but it is completely true in every single hiring case.

There are good reasons for that, but first perhaps we should look at what a great employment cover letter will contain and compare that to the sorts of free resume cover letter templates that are downloaded from the Web with alarming regularity today. In the example of a great cover letter, you will have taken the time to sit down and think about what it is about yourself and the highlights of your specific resume that you want to tell the hiring manager. You will tie that information back to the job you are applying for and make a case for why it is you think you will be a valuable candidate for that position. You can think of it as a brief introductory phone-call put to paper or email if you like. By doing so, you will be able to imagine the sort of information you would want to impart to convince the hiring manager that you are indeed an interesting candidate.

More Employment Cover Letter Considerations

On the other hand, a free resume cover letter, downloaded from the Web will utterly fail to achieve any of those things because it is by its very nature a generic document with no specific information. Well, how could it have? It was written by someone that knows nothing about you or your resume, and has no idea what specific job you are going to be applying for at the time that you decide to put it to use.

The reason all of this matters is that the HR departments of companies today are busy places, with hundreds of applicants for the best jobs. When faced with such a vast volume of resumes and candidate information to sift through in order to generate a short list of candidates worth investigating further, hiring managers are going to give the highest marks to those cover letters that aid them in that pursuit. They are going to look at cover letters that make their lives easier with a kind eye in precisely the same measure as they will heap scorn on those that seek to make their lives more difficult. If they have to read your resume a time-consuming process in order to get any sort of feel for who you are and what you do, it is a safe bet that they will never bother to give you a second thought.

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