Employers fear most that their employees will:

  • Show no pride in their work.

  • Show no pride in their appearance.

  • "Really" be conceited, rude, antagonistic, arrogant, pushy, broody or moody.

  • Embezzle, lie, cheat or steal.

  • Not persevere, and will quit or walk out when they are really needed.

  • Take too long to train.

  • Lack motivation.

  • Demonstrate a poor work ethic (goof off, need someone to constantly check on them and their work, do little or sloppy work.)

  • Be chronic complainers who tend to blame others for their mistakes.

  • Frequently call in sick, arrive late, leave early, refuse overtime, and constantly ask for raises.

  • Do or say something to disgrace or embarrass the company, the department, the manager, or fellow workers.

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