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Get Yourself an Education in Cover Letter Writing

An education cover letter – one that a teacher might attach to their resume when applying for a position at a school – is one of the toughest and most crucial things to get right. It is tougher than most for several reasons. The nature of the school system's hiring process is such that hiring is done in concentrated spurts at certain times of the year and then not really at all after that. It therefore offers a prospective teacher one opportunity to convince the school administrator or the principal that the candidate is the right one for a given position. If you get that wrong, you will probably have to endure a year of doing something other than your dream profession and hope they call upon you to fill a substitute position at some point along the way.

Moreover, it is tough because within an education cover letter, almost more than anywhere else in the world, the necessity for 100% accuracy is demanded. Those reading it will be scrutinizing your cover letter for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and signs that you do not possess an organized mind. They are also going to be interested to see the signs of effort and intelligence you bring to the process because after all, you don't entrust the education of the nation's future leaders to someone who appears lazy or uninterested in what they are doing.

More Education Cover Letter Considerations

It is surprising to note how much information can be gleaned from your education cover letter and therefore it is vital that you get these things right. But perhaps an explanation of the process and some of the taboos along the way might help make some sense of this. Education establishments have a hard time when they are hiring because they get hundreds of applicants for very few positions. They have to sift through those reams and reams of paper (yes, they will print your email) for exactly the right person for each vacancy. As you can imagine, that is a lot like marking exam papers in that it takes literally days away from your schedule during which you can do little else. And reading a cover letter that has not been crafted in an intelligent manner is precisely akin to reading through a pupil's exam essay in which they have included almost no factual information whatsoever. Your frustration at the knowledge that that pupil didn't bother to study for your exam is closely mirrored by the frustration a school administrator will feel when reading through an ineffective cover letter. And you will get the same sort of mark out of 100.

To ensure the highest possible percentile grading of your education cover letter then, you ought to take the time to write a cover letter that highlights the most important aspects of your life, career so far and experience in general – work and otherwise – in relation to how they will benefit you as a teacher. By doing so, you make the school administrator or principal's job considerably easier and you can be much more certain of advancing to the next stage of interviewing.

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