1. Did you complete high school?
a. Location:
b. G.P.A.:

2. What subjects did you like best? Why?

3. What subjects did you like least? Why?

4. Did you attend college, trade or business school?
a. Name / location:

b. Graduate?

c. G.P.A.:

d. Course of study or major:

5. What subjects did you like the best? Why?

6. What subjects did you like the least? Why?

7. Do you have or have you ever had a mentor? In what?

8. Do you have a good formal education? Explain.

9. Do you have a good informal education? Explain.

10. Did you have a career/occupation plan in school? What was it?

11. Is your present vocation/occupation in the same general field that you had planned? If no, how did you get your first job? Why did you take it?

12. What did you learn in school that will help you in the positions that you are applying or looking for?

13. Would any of your instructors write a letter of reference and give a good recommendation to an employer? What might this letter read like?

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