1. Assess the Present Situation
Where do I want to be as a result of this decision? What will change or result? What are the limits I am working under (my own resources and skills, the reality of the environment I must work with.)

2. List Factors
The self-assessment work you have done has given you information about the values, interests, skills, and personal beliefs that are important in your life. These are important factors to consider when making a career choice. List the factors you must have in a career or job situation.

3. Generate Alternatives
Brainstorm as many career choices as you possibly can. Consider every source you can as a help to creating more - friends, library, family, professionals. The more avenues you see open to you, the better your choice and ultimate decision will be.

4. Compare Each Alternative to Each Essential Factor
Those alternatives that fail to meet all essential factors are automatically eliminated. If no alternatives pass all factors, you may have to revise your list of essential factors.

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