1. Name of the company?

2. What does the company do or manufacture?

3. How was the company started?

4. When was the company started?

5. What type of ownership does the company possess? (Priorityship, partnership, corporation, non-profit, municipal, state or federal, etc.)

6. Is this company singular or does it have branches in other areas?

7. How many people work for this company?

8. What is the nature of work that you are seeking with the company?

9. What would you be doing on an average day of work?

10. What would the range of duties and responsibilities be?

11. What would the physical demands be?

12. What would the psychological demands be?

13. What type of environment would you be working in?

14. How would your position fit in with the company as a whole?

15. What type of skills are required for this position?

16. Would you be able to use other skills in this position, occupation or company?

17. What type of training is required?

18. What type of education is required for this position?

19. What type of promotional opportunities are there in this position, field or company?

20. How stable is this position?

21. What opportunity would this position lend you for your career mobility?

22. With whom would you be working with in this position?

23. Would you be required to relocate for this position?

24. What would the earning potential be for this postion?

25. What kind of benefits are there? (Insurance, vacation, pay increase evaluation, etc.)

26. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this position, occupation, company?

27. Is this a new position or would you be replacing someone?

28. How much training would you be given for this position?

29. How important is this position to the department or company?

30. What are the goals of the company?

31. How does this company handle its failures? (Individually or collectively)

32. Would the company be willing to hire you for a trial period? (1 - 30 days)

33. Has this company had any layoffs in the last five years? (When? How long? Were all the people hired back?)

34. How does the company's current performance compare to last year's?

35. What could you expect to be doing in five years with this company?

36. Can you tour the company before you are hired?

37. What type of work station would you have?

38. Can you meet a fellow employee? (What do they say about the company?)

39. How many hours a day/week would you be working?

40. What type of management styles would the supervisor or boss possess?

41. Does his management style match with your style?

42. What other intrinsic benefits does this position offer other than standard benefits? (Advanced training, advanced schooling, etc.)

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