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By Jimmy Sweeney, Author of the brand new, "Amazing Cover Letter Creator."

A Cover Letter Tip that Makes a Difference

Did you know that your cover letter is the most important document of any that you may submit when applying for a job? Forget your resume for a moment and take a cover letter tip or two. Because though your resume is undoubtedly important, it is not the document that any hiring manager is going to see first. Your cover letter is there for the specific reason that it enables that person to decide whether they are going to bother with your resume at all.

Now that may sound like it is backwards, because surely, you would argue, your resume is the most important thing in enabling the hiring manager to decide on your suitability to the task on offer. And you would be right if you were the only one applying for a particular job. But since any job worth working for is likely to have sometimes as many as several hundred candidates, can you imagine having to read through that many resumes? It takes time to evaluate them and that task is one the powers that be are going to want to take some time with, which means they are going to want to generate a short list of potential candidates first. And it is in that stage that your cover letter is going to have to do the job.

Even More Cover Letter Tips

So here are a few cover letter tips that you may find useful: in the first place, stay away from the standard old templates. You know the kind, those that you find on the Web or that come preloaded with your word processing package. Sure they look good and they seem to do the job, but it is precisely because of those things that you should steer clear of them. After all, if they are that useful, could it be possible that you are the first person to use them? It is more likely that the hiring manager has seen them hundreds or maybe even thousands of times before, and all they say about you is that you lacked the motivation to put in the extra effort to make an impression. And if you can't do that when you are most trying to impress them, what are you going to be like on the job anyway?

What a pity it would be to wrap your glowing resume into such a sad cover. Another cover letter tip is to think about the content very carefully. This isn't just a way of explaining that your resume is below and you hope you find them well. Your cover letter should prcis the contents of your resume in as short a space as possible. Don't get carried away, because that is what your resume really is for. But by demonstrating some personality, by mentioning some of the things about you that are most interesting and by drawing the hiring manager's attention to the one or two things that make you totally unique, you are not only making their lives easier, you may well win their gratitude as well. And since they are deciding your fate, that isn't a bad idea, is it?

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