Avoiding the Cover Letter Template Temptations

By Jimmy Sweeney Author of the brand new, "Amazing Cover Letter Creator."

Why to Be Ware of the Cover Letter Template

You have to pity the free cover letter template because it is one of life's truly useless tools. It doesn't do the job it is intended to do, and in fact can do considerably more harm than good for the job seeker. But you have to pity the job seeker that uses it more, because they are destined to forever remain unemployed. Why is it that many job seekers will download a free cover letter, after they have gone through the long and time-consuming process of crafting a perfect resume? Why go ahead and dress that resume in a bad suit? It just doesn't make any sense.

The truth is that a cover letter is more important than the resume itself. It is the first thing that an HR manager will see and it will set the tone for what they expect to find behind it. A sample cover letter or a downloaded cover letter template is as easy to recognize as a fake watch and it says exactly the same thing about the person or the resume that is wearing it. All show and no substance. What a terrible chord to strike with someone who you are hoping will hire you!

Where Cover Letter Templates Fail You

There are good reasons why these sample letters don't work, but the people who are trying to pitch them to you won't tell you these things. They won't tell you that generic openings and long and boring pleasantries simply take up too much of the HR manager's time and breed resentment. They won't tell you that what the HR manager wants to read instead is what it is that is in your head information that cannot come from a sample letter, no matter how well you may think it has been written.

If the intention of your cover letter was to get a generic employer to hire a generic employee, then you might be in for some luck, but since the intention is to get a specific person to hire YOU, it must be clear that you're going to have to do a little more. You ought to put as much thought into what your cover letter is going to say as you have into what your resume says. You need to start off in an appropriate manner, and build quickly and steadily, to a high point, which will get the HR manager saying, "yes, yes, yes" to the thought of meeting you. And that information has to come from you. You can think of it as a prcis of your resume if you want, but don't fall into the trap of making that your only intention. You want them to read your resume, but you want to give them a good reason to do so, and that, my friend, is the whole and entirely critical point of a cover letter.

Let's see a cover letter template, downloaded from the Internet, without any knowledge of the contents of your specific resume achieve that!

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