A Short Course in Cover Letter Format

By Jimmy Sweeney Author of the brand new, "Amazing Cover Letter Creator."

Pick the Cover Letter Format that Fits

Choosing an appropriate cover letter format is no easy task, but it is a vitally important one to get right if you are serious about securing your dream job. Consider that it is the cover letter you submit with your resume that will make the difference between whether or not the hiring manager offers you the time of day and opts to put you forward for further consideration or whether they simply discard your effort and never consider you again.

The process at hiring time is one that is full of challenges for any hiring manager as hundreds of resumes all fronted by cover letters land on their desks. During the course of the year, you can multiply that by the number of months on the calendar and these poor people have the task of sifting through literally thousands of resumes. It cannot be any wonder then that the best cover letters Ė the ones that follow the most compelling cover letter format and contain the most dramatic information, will garner the most attention.

More Cover Letter Format Considerations

That isn't to say that you should resort to theatrics when putting together your cover letter. It is absolutely critical however that your cover letter is considered to be interesting right from the outset. When you stop to think that before any hiring manager takes the time to read through your resume they are going to scan your cover letter to see whether it is worth bothering to do so at all, you must realize that it is the cover letter and not the resume that is the gold. That means that it has to be as scintillating as such a document can be and it has to immediately grab the attention of the hiring manager, even though it is surrounded by hundreds of similar documents. You can achieve most of this by means of a really exciting cover letter format.

Tricks you can use that are sure to have a positive affect on the hiring manager are those that are commonly used by marketers everywhere. Remember that in a manner of speaking, you are marketing yourself here, with your skills as the commodity, which you are putting up for sale. Ensure therefore that you make maximum use of such great marketing tools as a strong and intriguing headline, an irresistible call for action, and an uncluttered, clean space in which to deliver all of this information. Try to declare everything that is most interesting about you in as few words as possible so that you are not giving the hiring manager an essay to read. Make sure that the information you are including matches the task at hand of proving your suitability for the specific job on offer. Use colored fonts, but be careful that they are legible and serious, or at least they match the nature of the profession you which to pursue. And please, make sure that in all examples, your cover letter format conveys the message that you are serious and that you can add value to the company. Run it by friends and family to be extra sure.

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