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How a Cover Letter Example Can Be a Great Teacher

Cover letter example can be incredibly important for any job seeker if they are to have even the remotest chance of landing a job. That doesn't mean that your resume is less important in the grand scheme of things, but it is a fact that in the early stages of application, your cover letter is the only thing that matters. A great cover letter example will propel your resume to the short list just as quickly as a lousy one will place your application on a sharp trajectory down towards the wastebasket.

The reason for all of this is the human factor. HR managers are busy people. They have a huge amount of pressure on them and when it comes to finding the right candidate for a vacancy they have open, often times they are simply going to have to fast-track the process. That means that they are going to scan cover letters and use the information contained within them to decide whether or not to read the resume that it fronts. That means that each cover letter example must do a really stellar job of acting as an ambassador for the candidate. A failure to do this will well, fail.

Finding the Best Cover Letter Example You Can

All of this may sound unfair and perhaps it is but since the objective is to maximize your chances of getting that dream job, you're just going to have to accept the challenges of that particular playing field. Specifically, you're going to have to create an awesome cover letter example that makes the reader sit up and take notice and decide to put your resume onto the short list for more in-depth reading. That is no easy task, because there could be hundreds of competitors for a really good job, but your chances of success go up considerably with the extra effort you put in.

Your cover letter has to be enthusiastic and it has to be full of interesting details that are either not suitable for your resume, or that can be gleaned only from reading that document in the first place. Don't fool yourself that since it is in your resume, it doesn't need to be restated. Remember that until your cover letter has impressed the HR manager sufficiently that they put your resume on the short pile, it hasn't been read at all. This is no time to be humble or cryptic. It is exactly like trying to convince your dream date to go out with you, but without the benefit of your perfect smile and good looks. But a courting process it most decidedly is, and it requires the same amount of effort. As for all those freebie cover letters you see on the Web, ready to be downloaded and put to work, do yourself a favor and avoid them. To turn once again to the courtship analogy, sending a downloaded cover letter to do your bidding is like sending a total stranger to woo the one you love. And by using one, you can expect the same sort of result.

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