We can make changes in our self-image by replacing negative beliefs, anxieties and fears with positive opinions and beliefs. In order for us to change our beliefs, we must evaluate them. We may hold negative, self-limiting beliefs that are holding us back. After a series of unsuccessful experiences, we can develop what is known as a negative spiral of self-defeating behavior, a dysfunctional core of belief causing a lack of motivation and sense of depression.

Our belief of what is truth can cause a block for us in making changes. Based on the way we see the truth, we can get used to anything. We can get used to poor living conditions and low economic standards. Our beliefs can cause us to lock out information that could help us. These cognitive blind spots are called scotomas.

To make significant changes, you must:

1. Confront your present belief system, conditioning and attitudes.
2. Recognize the limitation of your present frame of reference or mind set.
3. Be motivated from within.
4. Develop new skills that provide the foundation for the change.
5. Visualize new results and scenarios to affect your change.

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