In order to predict your compatibility with a particular company, consider the following:

Does the company:

1) Allow their employees extensive freedom to plan, organize and control their own work?

2) Spell out exactly what the employees' jobs are and how to perform them?

3) Insist that employees solve their own work problems, but remain available as a consulting resource to them?

4) Maintain tight controls on all work to be sure things do not get out of line?

5) Discourage employees from introducing new ways of doing their work without first checking with them?

6) Insist that employees stick to their jobs and leave decisions and planning to them?

7) Leave employees alone and count on them to get their jobs done?

8) Encourage employees to redesign their jobs around their own capabilities?

9) Train employees to do their work according to standard procedures?

10) Provide time, money and other resources so each person can develop his particular strength and capabilities to the fullest?

11) Set up systems where information on performance results goes directly to the employee instead of first through them?

12) Discourage employee from getting involved in the "why" of doing their job?

13) Clamp down on conflict and friction between employees?

14) Solve problems for employees as quickly as possible so they can get back to work?

15) Hold joint meetings with employees to make decisions and solve mutual problems?

16) Give employees full information about their jobs, the department, and the organization?

17) Give employees full authority to make a decision without consulting management?

18) Allow employees to present alternative solutions to management?

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