Research Sources of Additional Information: Precision Instrument & Equipment Repairers

For more information about camera repair careers, contact:

  • National Association of Photographic Equipment Technicians (NAPET), 3000 Picture Pl., Jackson, MI 49201.

For information on musical instrument repair, including schools offering training, contact:

  • National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians (NAPBIRT), P.O. Box 51, Normal, IL 61761. Internet: http://www.napbirt.org

For additional information on piano tuning and repairwork, contact:

  • Piano Technicians Guild, 4444 Forest Ave., Kansas City, MO 66106. Internet: http://www.ptg.org

For information about training, mentoring programs, employers, and schools with programs in precision instrumentation, automation, and control, contact:

  • ISA-The Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society, 67 Alexander Dr, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709. Internet: http://www.isa.org

For information about watch and clock repair and a list of schools with related programs of study, contact:

  • American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute (AWI), 701 Enterprise Dr., Harrison, OH 45030-1696. Internet: http://www.awi-net.org

For information about medical equipment technicians and a list of schools with related programs of study, contact:

  • Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), 1110 North Glebe Rd., Arlington, VA 22201-4795. Internet: http://www.aami.org