Research Sources of Additional Information: Librarians

For information on a career as a librarian and information on accredited library education programs and scholarships, contact:

  • American Library Association, Office for Human Resource Development and Recruitment, 50 East Huron St., Chicago, IL 60611. Internet: http://www.ala.org

For information on a career as a special librarian, write to:

  • Special Libraries Association, 1700 18th St. NW., Washington, DC 20009. Internet: http://www.sla.org

Information on graduate schools of library and information science can be obtained from:

  • Association for Library and Information Science Education, 1009 Commerce Park Dr., Suite 150, PO Box 4219, Oak Ridge, TN 37839. Internet: http://www.alise.org

For information on a career as a law librarian, scholarship information, and a list of ALA-accredited schools offering programs in law librarianship, contact:

  • American Association of Law Libraries, 53 West Jackson Blvd., Suite 940, Chicago, IL 60604. Internet: http://www.aallnet.org

For information on employment opportunities for health sciences librarians and for scholarship information, credentialing information, and a list of MLA-accredited schools offering programs in health sciences librarianship, contact:

  • Medical Library Association, 65 E Wacker Place , Suite 1900, Chicago, IL 60601. Internet: http://www.mlanet.org

Information on acquiring a job as a librarian with the Federal Government may be obtained from the Office of Personnel Management through a telephone-based system. Consult your telephone directory under “U.S. Government” for a local number, or call (703) 724-1850 (Federal Relay Service (800) 877-8339). The first number is not toll free, and charges may result. Information also is available on the Internet at http://www.usajobs.opm.gov.

Information concerning requirements and application procedures for positions in the Library of Congress can be obtained directly from:

  • Human Resources Office, Library of Congress, 101 Independence Ave. SE., Washington, DC 20540-2231.

State library agencies can furnish information on scholarships available through their offices, requirements for certification, and general information about career prospects in the particular State of interest. Several of these agencies maintain job hot lines reporting openings for librarians.

State departments of education can furnish information on certification requirements and job opportunities for school librarians.