Research Sources of Additional Information: Engineers

High school students interested in obtaining information about careers in engineering should visit the JETS web site:

  • JETS-Guidance, 1420 King St., Suite 405, Alexandria, VA 22314-2794.Internet: http://www.jets.org

Information on ABET-accredited engineering programs is available from:

  • The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc., 111 Market Place, Suite 1050, Baltimore, MD 21202-4012. Internet: http://www.abet.org

Those interested in information on the Professional Engineer licensure should contact:

  • The National Society of Professional Engineers, 1420 King St., Alexandria, VA 22314-2794. Internet: http://www.nspe.org
  • National Council of Examiners for Engineers and Surveying, P.O. Box 1686, Clemson, SC 29633-1686. Internet: http://www.ncees.org

Information on general engineering education and career resources is available from:

  • American Society for Engineering Education, 1818 N St. NW., Suite 600, Washington, DC 20036-2479. Internet: http://www.asee.org

Information on obtaining an engineering position with the Federal Government is available from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) through a telephone-based system. Consult your telephone directory under U.S. Government for a local number or call (703) 724-1850; Federal Relay Service: (800) 877-8339. The first number is not tollfree, and charges may result. Information also is available from the OPM Internet site http://www.usajobs.opm.gov

Non-high school students wanting more detailed information on an engineering specialty should contact societies representing the individual branches of engineering. Each can provide information about careers in the particular branch. The individual statements that follow also provide other detailed information on aerospace; agricultural; biomedical; chemical; civil; computer hardware; electrical and electronics, except computer; environmental; industrial, including health and safety; materials; mechanical; mining and geological, including mining safety; nuclear; and petroleum engineering.