Salary, Wages, Pay: Education Administrators

In 2002, elementary and secondary school administrators had median annual earnings of $71,490; postsecondary school administrators had median annual earnings of $64,640, while preschool and childcare center administrators earned a median of $33,340 per year. Salaries of education administrators depend on several factors, including the location and enrollment level in the school or school district. According to a survey of public schools, conducted by the Educational Research Service, average salaries for principals and assistant principals in the 2002-03 school year were as follows:

Directors, managers, coordinators, and supervisors, finance and business $81,451
Elementary school 75,291
Jr. high/middle school 80,708
Senior high school 86,452
Assistant principals:
Elementary school $62,230
Jr. high/middle school 67,288
Senior high school 70,874

According to the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources, median annual salaries for selected administrators in higher education in 2001-02 were as follows:

Academic deans:
Business $107,414
Graduate programs 100,391
Education 100,227
Arts and sciences 98,780
Health-related professions 89,234
Nursing 88,386
Continuing education 84,457
Occupational or vocational education 73,595
Other administrators:

Dean of students $70,012
Director, admissions and registrar 61,519
Director, student financial aid 57,036
Director, annual giving 49,121
Director, student activities 41,050

Benefits for education administrators are generally very good. Many get 4 or 5 weeks vacation every year and have generoushealth and pension packages. Many colleges and universities offer free tuition to employees and their families.