Assessment Guides

    * Algoma District Information Network - Is a comprehensive web site to help the people of Algoma make informed decisions regarding their career and employment search.

    * Building Blocks Unlimited - On-line career assessment guide.

    * Career Design International - Executive coaching, personal development programs and outplacement. Career analysis and psychometrics, self marketing, networking, recruitment, interviewing, negotiating skills and dream job search.

    * CareerFitter.com - CareerFitter is a "hybrid" online career personality assessment showing people career direction and success. NEW!!

    * Career Perfect - Features online career planning, assessment, testing and occupational matching. Comprehensive career, job, resume and interview questions, answers and resources.

    * Career-Planning - Provides on-line career planning, career counseling and career testing to help students and career changers identify and search for their ideal career.

    * Coaching on Business Plans, Career Plans and Life Plans by Parker Associates - Provides an introduction to coaching for business people, people in transition, and corporate employees. Site offers free interactive materials that promote personal growth.

    * Employer-Employee.com - Free resources to help both the employer and employee resolve workplace problems. Both e-mail and telephone consultation is available.

    * Enlightened Partners - Paul Cutright, Author - Speaker - Trainer - Coach. Visit the Center for Enlightened Partnership & sign up for FREE weekly e-zine and FREE membership.

    * Friedland & Marcus - Provides career testing and counseling for career direction and career change. At a dead end or unhappy? Discover your right career path.

    * Graphic Insight Handwriting Analysis - Your Unique qualities are reflected in your handwriting. Discover how to access them and gain valuable insight into your personality.

    * InstaCoach - A business, career, personal coaching site with a unique twist! Inspiring, motivating ideas, strategies, tips, articles, e-books, links for smart, professional, success minded folks!

    * JVIS.COM Online Career Test - The online home of the JVIS, a reputable career test designed to match your interests to the right majors and job groups for your interests.

    * JobFitTesting - Hiring solutions provides pre-employment testing software and services to companies. Employee assessments include personality, integrity, aptitude, and sales skills testing. Other services include hiring strategy development, consulting, sales training products, and seminars.

    * Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation's Aptitude Testing - This scientific and educational organization studies human abilities and provides people with a knowledge of their aptitudes that will help them in making decisions about school and work.

    * National Career Assessment Services - Kuder Career Search with Person Match assists students (8th grade and beyond) and adults in assessing their changing interests throughout a lifetime to set a foundation for career exploration.

    * New Beginnings Career and College Guidance - We provide caring and personalized help to individuals, students and families in career guidance and college planning services.

    * SET For Success - For those who are willing to go the distance.