Rate yourself in the following areas:

1=Excellent 2=Good 3=Somewhat 4=Poor

_______Scientific (Observe, study, experiment)

_______Artistic (Create words, pictures, wood, etc.)

_______Persuasive (Ability to sell ideas or products)

_______Protective (Use authority to protect people and property)

_______Administrative (Organize numbers, people or systems)

_______Industrial (Repetitive, concrete, organized activities done in a factory setting)

_______Intellectual (Abstract ideas or systems of thought)

_______Teaching (Use of your knowledge to help others learn)

_______Performing (Sharing talents in front of an audience)

_______Mechanical (Tools, machines; assemble or repair)

_______Working with Plants (Like to make things grow)

_______Working with Animals (Like to raise animals)

_______Business Detail (Organized work requiring accuracy and attention to detail, primarily in an office setting)

_______Accommodating (Catering to the needs and/or wishes of others, usually on a one-to-one basis)

_______Humanitarian (Helping others)

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